Abnormal Tissue growthNaja tripudians 30C → Regenerator of diseased tissues, suppresses carcinomatous growths, increases the defensive forces of the organism.
Skin swellings caused by tumours and eschars, slow formation of pus, attenuation and diminution of pus. Affections of the serous skin, the muscles and the mucous membranes. In tumours the surrounding skin is swollen with slow formation of pus.
Abnormal Tissue growthScrophularia nodosa Q → Carcinomata, glandular swellings of a cancerous nature. Appearance of malignant and benign lumps in the breast, growing slowly into tumours. Stomach ulcers with a cancerous tendency. Myomae, uterine carcinomata, epithelial and scirrhous tumours.
Acne Vulgaris and PimplesJuglans regia Q → Specific against acne, especially on the faces of young girls. Pimple and comedones.
Acne Vulgaris and PimplesViola tricolor Q → Miliaria, pustules with crust formation and papules over the whole body, especially on the face and ears. Strong itching. Blood purification agent.
Affections of the abdomen-left sideLachesis 30C → Convulsive pains in the abdomen (left) with flushing.
Affections of the abdomen-left sideLycopodium 30C → Specific action in convulsive pains located around the descending colon sigmoid (S-romanum), arousing fears of cancer that are often all too well-grounded.
Affections of the abdomen-left sidePalladium 30C → Acts of cysts of the ovaries and inflammation, acute and chronic.
Affections of the abdomen-left sideSaxifraga Q → Specific action in renal calculi (left side). The action of the present medicine is directed in the main against affections of the feminine abdomen (left), when the pains radiate in the upper parts and are eventually accompanied with renal calculi or intestinal pains. These general conditions of irritation are echoed as vegetative reflexes throughout the several organs and can contaminate the latter.
Affections of the abdomen-right sideApis mellifica 30C → Specific action on burning pains in the abdomen (right side) as found in inflammation of the ovaries. Beneficient action on cysts by resorption.
Affections of the abdomen-right sideArsenicum album 30C → medicine with specific action in renal disorders (right side) and renal colic.
Characteristics: Agitation and discouragement caused, in this case by annexitis, parametritis, salpingitis and other affections of the right side.
Affections of the abdomen-right sideBryonia 30C → Lessens inflammation of the appendix.
Affections of the abdomen-right sideBryonia 30C → Improvement when resting and under pressure. Inflammation of the abdomen (improvement brought when Iying on the side affected).
Affections of the abdomen-right sideSulfur 30C → Increases the effect of Apis while completing it. Reducing itching and psoric disorders which always follow ovary affections.
All Hysteric ComplaintsGlonoinum 30C → Strong pulse perceivable in the throat and sensation of suffocation. Hypersensitivity to noises.
All Hysteric ComplaintsIgnatia 30C → Sensation of pressure in the throat, hysteric ball disappearing when swallowing and eating. Hysterical ball and sensation of pressure in the chest arising from the stomach, especially before the next menstruation is due. Insomnia, great nervousness.
All Hysteric ComplaintsLachesis 30C → Sensation of suffocation, cannot stand pressure of clothes around the neck. Fits during the night, sudden awakening.
All Hysteric ComplaintsMoschus Q → Sensitivity of hysterical women to noises and odours.

As a whole R47 acts in such complaints of women which occur at all ages, in youth as well as in the climacteric age. It is obvious that such complaints are caused by functional disturbances in the ovaries, essentially influenced by Lachesis and Pulsatilla, as well as by the other ingredients. R47 is more effective than any psychotherapy, rapidly lessens the complaints which subsequently disappear. Also in St. Vitus' dance it may be used as a complementary medicine.
AllergyAdrenalinum 6X → For direct hormonal effect against allergic symptoms.
AllergyHepar sulphuris 6X → Glandular help for antihistaminic effect.
AllergyHistaminum 30C → For antihistamine effects provides the best antiallergic response.
Allergy forrmula recomended by me → 1- Lycopodium 30C 1 drop in morning & 2- Nuxvomica 30C 1-Drop in evening & New Life ALLER-N 10 Drops 3 times in a day.
AnalgesicAranea diadema Q → Dysarteriotony, recurrent neuralgic pains, painful arthralgies.
AnalgesicCimicifuga 6X → Myalgic and muscular pains caused by the vertebral column, pains from myocardial spasm, algospasms of gastro-intestinal tract, gallbladder and in region of female genital organs.
AnalgesicCitrullus colocynthis 30C → Algospasms of gastro-intestinal tract, biliary tract and urinary organs. Neuritis and neuralgic pains especially in face. Ischialgia.
AnalgesicCyclamen europaeum 6X → Headaches, migraine, painful menstrual disorder.
AnalgesicGelsemium sempervirens Q → Headaches, tendency to convulsions.
AnalgesicGinkgo biloba Q → Headaches, painful writers cramp.
AnalgesicSpigelia anthelmia 30C → Acute carditis, stenocardia, neuralgic pains, headaches.
Anti-BacterialGlandulae thymi 30C → Glandular key to bacterial immune system.
Anti-BacterialHydrastis Q → Powerful natural anti bacterial.
Anti-FungalAspergillus niger 30C → This provide antigenic or nodosal relief by stimulating the defense mechanism of the body.
Anti-FungalCandida albicans Q → This provide antigenic or nodosal relief by stimulating the defense mechanism of the body.
Anti-FungalChlamydia trachomatis Q → For antigenic (nosodal) treatment of rickettsia and for homoeopathic blockage of the chlamydospore stage of candida growth.
Anti-FungalEchinacea angustifolia Q → Lymph cleanser and immune fortifier.
Anti-FungalPenicillinum Q → This provide antigenic or nodosal relief by stimulating the defense mechanism of the body.
Anti-FungalZincum metallicum 6X → For relief of foggy headedness and inability to concentrate. Stimulant of nutritional absorption of Zinc.
Anti-SmokingAgaricus 30C → Circulatory disturbances, irregular beating of the heart, liver bloated, coated tongue, pain in the stomach and nausea.
Anti-SmokingEchinacea angustifolia Q → Strengthens the power of resistance, internal antiseptic with influence on the Iympathic system. Stimulation of the all detoxification-mechanisms.
Anti-SmokingNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Temporal headache, arrhythmic palpitation, constipation with hard and dry stool.
Anti-SmokingRobinia Q → Pain in the stomach caused by smoking to much, acid gastritis (catarrhs of the stomach).
Anti-SmokingTabacum 30C → Against abuse of tobacco with collapse, paleness, perspiration, trepidation, cold of the limbs, neuralgia and vertigo, nausea and vomiting. Specifically effective on peripheral and arterial disturbances. Smoker's leg.
Anxiety,Depression,TensionAcid phos Q → Physical and mental weakness, weakness of back and sacral region, inability to do mental work. Consequences of grievances and worries. Indifference and discouragement. Drowsiness during day, dislike to converse. Pollutions, impotency.
Anxiety,Depression,TensionCitrus Iimonum Q → Effect on the circulation and the blood itself, faintness, weak pulse.
Anxiety,Depression,TensionCocculus 30C → Physical weakness, exhaustion, irritability, state of depression, insomnia, weakness of muscles of the nape, with a feeling of heaviness in head.
Anxiety,Depression,TensionHelonias dioica Q → Exhaustion and overexertion (especially of women), accompanied by uterine affections. Nervous irritations, depressions, desire for solitude.
Anxiety,Depression,TensionSepia 30C → Sadness, irritable and moody. Indifference to duties, especially with women in the menopause.
Anxiety,Depression,TensionZincum metallicum 6X → Great nervous exhaustion, restlessness of the legs. Irritability of the nervous system, taciturnity, slow mental conception, weak memory. Burning and weakness along spinal cord. Pricking and numbness of the limbs.
Arthritis of fore-arms and handsFerrum phosphoricum 6x → Against inflammations. Influences secondary anaemia frequently occuring in rheumatism and arthritis with deformation.
Arthritis of fore-arms and handsLithium carbonicum 6X → Specific effect in rheumatism and gout, in arthritis with deformation and rheumatic-gouty illnesses.
Arthritis of fore-arms and handsNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Aggravation by humidity in rheumatism and asthma.
Arthritis of fore-arms and handsNux vomica 30C → Worse on getting up, low spirits in the morning.
Arthritis of fore-arms and handsRhododendron Q → Chronic rheumatism, pains in limbs and mainly in bones of fore-arms and hands.
Arthritis of fore-arms and handsSpiraea ulmaria 30C → Fluttering pains, localized in the articulations of the elbows.
AsthmaArsenicum album 30C → Intense restlessness, anxiety.
AsthmaBelladonna 30C → Anti-asthmatic in case of loud coughing coupled with perspiration.
AsthmaBryonia 30C → Irritation in dry cough, difficult expectoration,Exertions to inhale fresh air; stifling.
AsthmaERIODYCTION CALIFORNICUM Q → Asthmatic bronchitis, with cough and expectoration.
AsthmaHypophysis 30C → Stimulant in hypophysis which is often the case.
AsthmaKalium phosphoricum 6X → In exhaustion for strengthening. Nutrive medicine for the nerves.
AsthmaNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Convulsic dry cough, irritation of the mucous membranes. Constitutional with hyperthyreotic types.
AsthmaNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Constitutional medicine in case of hydrogenoid constitution, worse in damp weather (fog).
AsthmaVeratrum album 30C → Cold sweat and asthmatic fits.
Bed WettingCalcium phosphoricum 6X → Constitutionally indicated in the asthenic patient.
Bed WettingFerrum phosphoricum 6x → Incontinence of urine, also during the day.
Bed WettingKalium phosphoricum 6X → Nervous constitutions. General debility and weakness.
Bed WettingPulsatilla 6X → Incontinence of urine, particularly in girls.
Bed WettingSepia 30C → Specific affinity to the bladder sphincter (insufficiency of). Nocturnal enuresis during first sleep. Close relationship to sexual sphere.
Blockage and ValvularCactus Q → Oppression with symptoms of angina pectoris. Strong pulse, suffocation.
Blockage and ValvularCrataegus Q → Myodegeneratio cordis with cardiac weakness; enfeeblement of the heart during infectious diseases. Painful spasms; hypotension; tendency towards decompensation; functional irregularities.
Blockage and ValvularDigitalis 6X → Heart failure with cardiac dilatation.
Blockage and ValvularKalium carbonicum 30C → Weakness of the heart and the cardiovascular system in endo-myocarditis. Sharp pain in the heart.
Blockage and ValvularKalmia Lotifolia Q → Pains extending down left arm. Chronic heart weakness with difficult breathing. Acute and chronic endocarditis, following gout and rheumatism.
Blockage and ValvularPhosphorus 30C → Heart palpitations mainly when resting on the left side, afflux of blood to the chest and suffocation, anguish. General nervous exhaustion and hypersensitivity.
Blockage and ValvularScilla Q → Insufficiency of the cardiovascular system with dysrhythmia. Decompensation phenomenon.
Blockage and ValvularSpigelia anthelmia 30C → Strong and abnormal palpitation, low pulse, endo-myocarditis.
Blockage and ValvularStrophanthus Q → Fast acting heart tonic.
Blood PurifierConium 30C → Enlarging and hardening of glands. Paralytic asthenia of limbs with tremor and sweat.
Blood PurifierGalium aparine Q → General dyscrasia. Incarnate with tropic ulcers, diuretic.
Blood PurifierHepar sulphuris 6X → Promotes healing of devitalised tissue as caused by pus, boils and abscesses. Scrofulosis, swelling of lymph glands, blood impurities.
Blood PurifierJuglans regia Q → Blood purifier.
Blood PurifierSanguinaria Q → Delayed development of children together with eczema.
Blood PurifierScrophularia nodosa Q → Scrofulos swelling of Iymph glands, Iymphatic constitution (hydrogenoid constitution). Great susceptibility to dampness, all symptoms are worse during cold damp weather.
Bronchial Forte madicinesAcidum sulfuricum Q → Stabbing pain in the chest, feeling of anxiety, thanatophobia, cough gasping and dry, sensation of constriction of chest.
Bronchial Forte madicinesAmmi visnaga Q → Circulation disorders, cardiac affections.
Bronchial Forte madicinesConvallaria majalis 30C → Marked respiratory distress, auricular flutter, stabbing pain in the chest.
Bronchial Forte madicinesDrosera 6X → Asthma convulsivum with cyanosis and vomiting.
Bronchial Forte madicinesKalium iodatum Q → Conditions of weakness of curative forces.
Bronchial Forte madicinesLobelia intlata → Asthma bronchiale, spasmodic cough. Dyspnoea, disorder of breathing, asthma thoide bronchitis, asthma bronchiale.
Bronchial Forte madicinesMentholum 30C → Reliefs breathing.
Bronchial Forte madicinesStramonium 30C → Sensation of constriction within the chest, wheezing respiration.
Calcification medicinesArnica 30C → Tendency towards apoplexy, favors resorption at the beginning of an apoplectic stroke.
Calcification medicinesAurum Muriaticum 6X → Depressive psychosis. Congestion of blood towards the head. Palpitation.
Calcification medicinesConium 30C → Vertigo, especially on rising, congestion of blood, loss of memory, psychic changes, general weakness of nervous system , hypersensitivity and impotency.
Calcification medicinesGlonoinum 30C → Congestions in head, strong pulse, oppression in chest and heart.
Calcification medicinesPlumbum aceticum 30C → Pale hypertension with mental dementia. Nephrosclerosis with consequences of apoplexy. Intermittent limping.
ConvulsionsBufo Rana 30C → Specific medicine against epileptic fits and progressive weakness.
ConvulsionsCuprum aceticum 6X → Against all kinds of cramps, in the thighs for instance, and especially epileptic cramps. Cerebral congestion.
ConvulsionsPulsatilla 6X → Promotes vicarious effects in general, in the sense that diseases stifled in the past are rediscovered as an effect of vicariation.
ConvulsionsSilicea 30C → After-effects of the suppression of perspiration from the feet.
Acts on the constitution.
ConvulsionsZincum metallicum 6X → Various beneficial effects in case of convulsion, brings out stifled diseases of the skin.
CoughAmmonium causticum Q → Convulsive cough accompanied by plenty of loose mucus.
CoughBelladonna 30C → Convulsive cough attack, hollow and barking cough, dry mucus membranes.
CoughBryonia 30C → Harsh and dry cough with pain in the chest.
CoughChamomilla 6X → Convulsive cough,catarrh and hoarseness with accumulation of tenacious mucus in the throat,dry cough,chiefly in the evening and at night.
CoughCoccus cacti Q → Hypersensitivity of the mucosa of the pharynx. Spasmodic cough with viscous glairy expectorations.
CoughCorallium rubrum 6X → Violent attack of convulsic cough with choking fit.
CoughCuprum aceticum 6X → Spasmodic cough, viscous mucus, dyspnea.
CoughDrosera 6X → Convulsive cough with cyanosis and suffocation, spasmodic asthma.
CoughIpecacuanha 30C → Dry asphyxiant cough with glottis spasm, nausea and emesia.
CoughSpongia Q → Hollow cough, cough at night.
CoughSticta pulm Q → Cold down from the nose to the pharynx and trachea, followed by bronchitis. Pressure on the root of the nose.
CoughThymus vulg Q → Expectorant.
DiabetesAcid phos Q → Thirst, sexual impotence, psychic depression.
DiabetesArsenicum album 30C → Unquenchable thirst, progressive exhaustion.
DiabetesLycopodium 30C → medicine of the liver, flatulence, swelling sensation.
DiabetesNatrium Muriaticum 30C → medicine of the liver, specific action in case of aggravation in damp weather.
DiabetesPhaseolus nanus 30C → Sugar in urine, irregular cardiac action.
DiabetesSecale cornutum 30C → Thirst, prickles and paresthesia, longing for cold.
DiabetesUranium nitricum 6X → Specific in diabetes of varying genesis.
DiarrhoeasAcid phos Q → Typhoid fever, sleeplessness, acute and chronic diarrhoea.
DiarrhoeasBaptisia Q → Diarrhoea with much mucus, dull headache, fever, brown coated tongue, swollen body.
DiarrhoeasChamomilla 6X → Aqueous or greenish stools after a chill, colics.
DiarrhoeasChininum arsenicosum 6X → Bactericidal, diarrhoea with fever, general exhaustion and asthenia.
DiarrhoeasColocynthis 30C → Dysenteric stools with violent intestinal spasms.
DiarrhoeasFerrum phosphoricum 6x → Watery diarrhoea with strong flatulence. medicine for fever and inflammation.
DiarrhoeasMercurius sublimate Corrosives 30C → Glairy and blood-tinged stools, exhausting colics and tenacious tenesmus.
DiarrhoeasOleander Q → Explosive pultaceous stools, colicky intestinal cramps, undigested stools.
DiarrhoeasRhus toxicodendron 30C → Watery diarrhoea, mucohaemorrhagic, restlessness, drowsiness. Result of getting wet.
DiarrhoeasVeratrum album 30C → Vomiting and diarrhoea with violent shivering and collapse. Diarrhoea in summer.
Disorders of the Blood CirculationCrataegus Q → General tonic of the myocardium.
Disorders of the Blood CirculationLaurocerasus Q → Irritation of the breathing system as a result of its content of prussic acid.
Disorders of the Blood CirculationOleander Q → Specific action on conduction; raises blood-pressure which it regularizes.

The combined effect of the present medicine already shows after a few days treatment a correction of the venous tension and a regularization of the blood-pressure.

This preparation is ideal for feminine anaemia following upon loss of blood in child-birth, or in cases of low blood pressure following upon infectious illnesses, i.e. influenza, angina etc.; also in general vegetative dystonia coupled with a lowering of blood pressure.
Draining and StimulatingAcid nitric 30C → Heart palpitations produced by slightest efforts. Exhaustion caused by frequent nocturnal perspiration, skin becomes cold early morning, shivers when going to bed.
Draining and StimulatingAcid phos Q → General exhaustion, especially trouble in the cerebrospinal system. Slowness and numbness of limbs, vertigo.
Draining and StimulatingCalcium iodatum Q → Increases viscosity of the blood. Acts on thyroid together with Ferrum jod.
Draining and StimulatingFerrum iodatum Q → Irregular blood circulation, face usually pale but red after slightest excitement. Stomach disturbances. Nose-bleed, headaches, feeling of weariness, pulse full, lax.
EczemaApis mellifica 30C → Oedematous and erysipelatous circumscribed swelling, stabbing inflammation of serous coat, itching dermatosis.
EczemaArsenicum album 30C → Dryness of the skin with formation of scales, eczema with formation of blisters turning into pustules and eschar. Dandruff. Thick, scaly eczema of scalp with stinking pus.
EczemaRhus toxicodendron 30C → Erysipelatous skin, formation of reddish blisters. Erythema turning rapidly into blisters, often accompanied by oedema. Formation of pus and eschar. Skin around eczema is red and inflamed.
Excessive PerspirationBelladonna 30C → Hot sweat, with vapour.
Excessive PerspirationJaborandi Q → Hyperhidrosis of varying genesis.
Excessive PerspirationKalium carbonicum 30C → Sweating, exhaustion - weakness between the shoulderblades, especially during nocturnal perspiration.
Excessive PerspirationSalvia officianalis Q → Against sweat and night sweat.
Excessive PerspirationSambucus nigra Q → Sweating during acute diseases of various kinds.
Excessive PerspirationSanguinaria Q → Flushing with outbreaks of sweating.
Excessive PerspirationSepia 30C → Climacteric flushing-sweating of the climacteric variety.
Excessive PerspirationVeratrum album 30C → Cold sweat; cholic. The present medicine, then will act in cases of sweats and the different kinds of perspiration which accompany certain illnesses.
Excessive protein in urineHelonias dioica Q → Exhaustion, backache, pressure and drawing pains in the kidney area.
Excessive protein in urineKalium arsenicosum 30C → Chronic nephritis with oedema; heart pathology.
Excessive protein in urinePhosphorus 30C → Weakness, parenchymal degeneration, analysis of urine shows protein and blood and cylindrical casts. Chronic nephritis, almost specific as a kidney medicine.
Excessive protein in urinePlumbum metallicum 30C → Reduced quantity of urine, proteinuria with hypotrophy of kidney.
Exhaustion due to loss of bloodAcidum sulfuricum Q → Bleedings of any type, flushes of heat followed by perspiration. Exhaustion, weariness.
Exhaustion due to loss of bloodCrocus Q → Menstrual blood is dark or black, clotty. Feeling of something moving around in abdomen, without abortion. Ferrum phosph.: Acts energetically on the blood circulation, excellent in dilatation of the veins.
Exhaustion due to loss of bloodHamamelis Q → Indicated in hemorrhage, influences especially the veins.Headaches. Dark coloured blood, sensation of pain in the affected parts. Exhaustion caused by loss of blood.
Exhaustion due to loss of bloodSecale cornutum 30C → Acts mainly on the unstriped muscular fibres; congestion, distress and uterine prolapsus. Primary effect upon contraction, secondary effect produces dilatation of unstriped muscular fibres.
Fatigue, Physical StressAcid phos Q → Physical and mental weakness, weakness of back sacral region, inability to do mental work. Consequences of grievances and worries. Indifference and discouragement. Drowsiness during day, dislike to converse, pollutions, impotency.
Fatigue, Physical StressCitrus Iimonum Q → Effect on the circulation and the blood itself, faintness, weak pulse.
Fatigue, Physical StressCocculus 30C → Physical weakness, exhaustion, irritability, state of depression, insomnia, weakness of muscles of the nape, with feeling of heaviness in head.
Fatigue, Physical StressGinseng Q → Nervous exhaustion, fatigue accompanied by lumbar weakness, difficulty in thinking,
sexual asthenia.
Fatigue, Physical StressHelonias dioica Q → exhaustion and overexertion (especially of women), accompanied by uterine affections nervous irritations, depressions, desire for solitude.
Fatigue, Physical StressSepia 30C → Sadness, irritable and moody, Indifference to duties, especially with women in the menopause.
Fatigue, Physical StressZincum metallicum 6X → Great nervous exhaustion, restlessness of the legs, irritability of the nervous system, taciturnity, slow mental conception, weak memory, burning and weakness along spinal cord, pricking and numbness of the limbs.
Glandular for MenGlandulae suprarenales 30C → Asthenia, weight reduction, myasthenia. Allergic conditions, asthma, hypoglycaemia. Hypertonia-Hypotonia.
Glandular for MenGlandulae thymi 30C → Exhaustion, mongolism.
Glandular for MenHypophysis 30C → Essential element of hormonal system. Controls the internal secretion, the contents of lactic acid in the blood, the mineralization and the fluidic content of the body. (anti-diuretic effect). .
Glandular for MenThyreodinum 30C → Regulation of the thyroid gland, interrupted development of hyroidinum Mixoedema, hypothermy, hypercholesterinamia, retarded intellectual development, helps drain the organism.
Glandular for WomenGlandulae suprarenales 30C → Asthenia, weight reduction, myasthenia. Allergic conditions, asthma, hypoglycaemia. Hypertonia-Hypotonia.
Glandular for WomenGlandulae thymi 30C → Exhaustion, mongolism.
Glandular for WomenHypophysis 30C → Essential element of hormonal system. Controls the internal secretion, the contents of lactic acid in the blood, the mineralization and the fluidic content of the body. (anti-diuretic effect).
Glandular for WomenOvininum 6X → Senility, declining potency, faulty memory, depression, functional disturbances of the glands, inferiority complex, cryptorchidism, nocturnal enuresis, impotency. Frigidity of women, lesbian tendencies, oligo- and azzoospermia, faulty circulation, congestions. Attenuates hyperfunction of hypophysis.
Glandular for WomenThyreodinum 30C → Regulation of the thyroid gland, interrupted development of hyroidinum Mixoedema, hypothermy, hypercholesterinamia, retarded intellectual development, helps drain the organism. .
Gynae Sacroiliac complaintsAesculus Q → Tearing pains (as in hemorrhoids), pains radiating in the sacral bone.
Gynae Sacroiliac complaintsCimicifuga 6X → Specific effect on the feminine sexual organs. Against pains in the breasts, occuring ante menses. Specific action in sacroiliac complaints in connexion with the abdominal organs, pains radiating in the back and the head and up to the nose. May also be effective in pains occuring after a fracture of the skull or concussion of brain. Favorable influence in rheumatism in the tendons and ligaments.
Gynae Sacroiliac complaintsColocynthis 30C → Sharp pains in the sacral region, radiating in the legs.
Gynae Sacroiliac complaintsNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Sacroiliac pains, with constipation and shivering, eventually with sneezing in the morning and nervous hypersensitivity.
Gynae Sacroiliac complaintsPhytolacca Q → Sacral sciatic-like pains, radiating into the legs. Sacral weakness (especially when standing), loins feel as crushed.
Gynae Sacroiliac complaintsStrontium carbonicum 30C → Arthritis and rheumatism of different kinds, mainly in the articulations of the haunches.
Hair CareHypophysis 30C → To stabilize hair growth.
Hair CareJuglans regia Q → Blood purifier, essential fatty acids.
Hair CareKalium phosphoricum 6X → Well known biochemic cell salt for hair restoration.
Hair CarePolysorbatum Q → For topical treatment of premature balding.
Heart Circulatory DebilityAcidum hydrocyanicum 30C → Cardiogenic shock with icy cold sweat and respiratory tract failure. sudden collapse.
Heart Circulatory DebilityAmmonium carbonicum Q → Weak rapid pulse with perspiration and fear of death.
Heart Circulatory DebilityCarbo vegetabilis 6X → Burning in chest as from glowing coals together with debility and palpitations. Shortness of breath, anxiety. An analeptic in circulatory collapse together with cold sweat, pallor and cyanosis. Almost imperceptible pulse.
Heart Circulatory DebilityCrotalus Cascavella Q → Cardiac insufficiencies with tendency to shock particularly due to bacterial toxins. Circulatory disturbances of post infective genesis.
Heart Circulatory DebilityTabacum 30C → Almost imperceptible pulse with pallor in the face, cold sweat and nausea.
Heart Circulatory DebilityVeratrum album 30C → Total circulatory shock, cold sweat, imperceptible pulse, cold blue hands, fainting on rising (orthostatic) .
Heart EfficiencyArnica 30C → Painful sensation in the heart. Nervous heart trouble.
Heart EfficiencyAurum Muriaticum 6X → Main action on: Myocardium, aorta and coronary artery. Heart oppressions and dilatations, afflux of blood to the head, precordial pains.
Heart EfficiencyCactus Q → Sensations of suffocation, strong pulse, oppression. Stenocardia and angina pectoris.
Heart EfficiencyCrataegus Q → Excellent tonic for heart and blood circulation. Myocardial weakness and hypotonia.
Heart EfficiencyDigitalis 6X → Heart tonic in case of cardiac weakness.
Heart EfficiencyIgnatia 30C → Various nervous sensations of the heart, mainly following affections of a depressing nature (anxiety restlessness). Also in general nervous irritation and sleeplessness. .
Heart EfficiencyKalium phosphoricum 6X → General nervous exhaustion, anaemia and myocardial weakness. Conduction disturbances.
Heart EfficiencyLaurocerasus Q → Cyanosis with myocardial insufficiency. Pressure and pain in the chest.
Heart EfficiencySpigelia anthelmia 30C → Strong and abnormal pulsations, visible and perceivable. Pain extending down left arm. .
Heart EfficiencyVeratrum album 30C → Nervous agitations, changing humour, nervous hypersensitivity. Functional affections of the heart, strong pulse, cardiac nervousness.
High Blood PressureAllium sativum 30C → Lowers blood pressure .
High Blood PressureCitrus Iimonum Q → Strong diuretic effect.
High Blood PressureCorallium rubrum 6X → Glandular stimulation.
High Blood PressureKalium iodatum Q → Stimulates potassium absorption, decreases viscosity of blood.
High Blood PressureKalium phosphoricum 6X → Conduction disturbance.
High Blood PressurePelargonium Reniforme Q → Hormonal blood pressure regulation.
High Blood PressureTartarus depuratus Q → Strong diuretic effect.
High Blood PressureVeratrum album 30C → Calming effect.
Impaired CirculationAdrenalinum 6X → Able to relieve muscle spasms. Works on the muscle layer of blood vessels.
Impaired CirculationAesculus Q → Venous congestion, particularly in the true pelvis.
Impaired CirculationCuprum aceticum 6X → Spasmodic constriction of voluntary and involuntary muscles, cramps in calf muscles.
Impaired CirculationPotentilla anserina Q → Spasms of various kind, cramps in calf muscles.
Impaired CirculationSecale cornutum 30C → Gangrene of the diabetic patient, numbness and paraesthesia in the limbs, cramps with the sensation of coldness or absence of any sensation.
Impaired CirculationTabacum 30C → Cramps in all limbs accompanied by weakness and formication.
Impaired CirculationVeratrum album 30C → Sensation of coldness throughout the entire body, cramps in calf muscles, numbness and absence of any sensations. .
Increases Appetite and Blood supplyAranea diadema Q → Sensitivity to changes in the weather.
Increases Appetite and Blood supplyArsenum iodatum 6X → Selective action on the variations undergone by tissues; influences the cellular metabolism.
Increases Appetite and Blood supplyCeanothus americanus Q → Injured spleen (i.e. after malaria). Pains in the tummy (left side). Perturbations in the production and circulation of the blood.
Increases Appetite and Blood supplyFerrum Muriaticum 6X → Secondary anaemia; rise in number of haematites.
Increases Appetite and Blood supplyLycopodium 30C → Tonic and functional medicine of the liver in case of swellings (pain in left side), lack of appetite (quick satiety); reddish deposit in urine. .
Increases Appetite and Blood supplySulfur 30C → Penetrating reaction agent, activator of the total sulfur metabolism. Rush to the head, disturbed circulation. .
InflammationApis mellifica 30C → Inflammatory infiltrations, edematous swellings.
InflammationBelladonna 30C → Inflammatory hyperemia of skin, of mucous membranes and glands. High fever. Aridity of the mucosa, delirium, moist feverish skin.
InflammationCalcium iodatum Q → Chronic tonsillitis of children, scrofulous increase of Iymph nodes on neck and nape.
InflammationHepar sulphuris 6X → Tendency for catharzic inflammations and pyesis.
InflammationKalium bichromicum 6X → Plastic exudation of mucous membranes in nose, pharyngeal cavity and pharynx. Viscous, stringy mucus. Mucosae ulcer.
InflammationMercurius sublimate Corrosives 30C → Acute inflammations of the mucosa involving the glands, sticky perspirations.
InflammationPhytolacca Q → Swelling and dark reddening of the pharynx and tonsils, radiating pain up to the ears.
InflammationTEUCRIUM MARUM Q → Adenoid vegetation, chronic catarrh of the postnasal space.
InfluenzaBaptisia Q → Typhic fever, stupor and lethargy, cold, irritation of the mucous membranes.
InfluenzaBryonia 30C → Catarrhal fever, headaches, piercing pains, inflammation of the serous tissues.
InfluenzaCamphora Q → Analeptic, calmative.
InfluenzaCausticum Hahnemanni Q → Sensation of rawness of mucosa, hollow cough, weakness of the sphincter of bladder.
InfluenzaEucalyptus Q → General agitation and accelerated breathing, weariness and rigidity of limbs, headaches, fever.
InfluenzaEupatorium perfoliatum Q → Fever with sensation of prostration. Catarrhal inflammation of the upper air-passages with tendency to cough and sensation of rawness of mucosa.
InfluenzaFerrum phosphoricum 6x → medicine for fever and inflammation, low pulse, rush towards the head. Especially effective in inflammations of the upper respiratory tracts and in bronchopneumonia.
InfluenzaGelsemium sempervirens Q → Congestive headaches, sleeplessness, shivering and prostration.
InfluenzaSabadilla 30C → Convulsic stimulus of the sneezing centre, burning cold stimulus of the coughing centre, stitches on the chest.
Inhalent AllergyAdrenalinum 6X → Used for hormonal anti-allergic reaction.
Inhalent AllergyHistaminum 30C → Provides an anti-histamine effect for the body.
Injuries, healingArnica 30C → Acts on the arterial system, regularizing effect on the blood circulation, eliminates stoppages.
Injuries, healingBelladonna 30C → Against inflammation.
Injuries, healingCalendula Q → Specially in contusion.
Injuries, healingEchinacea angustifolia Q → Against inflammation and septic complications.
Injuries, healingHamamelis Q → Bleeding and venous stasis.
Injuries, healingRhus toxicodendron 30C → Consequences of overexertion and dislocation.
Injuries, healingRuta Q → Unduly strenuous efforts.
Injuries, healingSymphytum Q → In fracture.
Intestinal ColicAlumina 30C → Stool in small lumps; constipation.
Intestinal ColicBryonia 30C → Constipation; dark stools.
Intestinal ColicColocynthis 30C → Flatulent colic; tendency to contraction. Intestinal spasms.
Intestinal ColicLachesis 30C → Bad digestion aspecially after an excess of quinine or alcohol.
Intestinal ColicLycopodium 30C → Flatulent in the evening.
Intestinal ColicMercurius sublimate Corrosives 30C → Tenesmus; dysenteriform intestinal cramps.
Intestinal ColicPlumbum aceticum 30C → Intestinal colic. Watery and nauseous stools; chronic diarrhoea. Abdomen very sensitive to touch.
Intestinal ColicSulfur 30C → Reaction agent, malodorous flatulence, swelling of the abdomen. Matutinal diarrhoea. R37 regularizes stools and will end constipation in many cases.
Irregular Heart BeatIberis amara Q → Palpitations on slightest exertion, angina with atrial flutter and irregular pulse, nervous excitement.
Irregular Heart BeatLeonurus cardiaca Q → Tonic effect on the myocardium achieved by central sedation.
Irregular Heart BeatOleander Q → Palpitations and stabbing heart pain, pulse rate increased, thereafter reduced; occasional missed pulse beat.
Irregular Heart BeatSpartium scoparium Q → Rapid irregular heart beat, often also missing pulse beats.
Irregular Heart BeatSumbulus moschatus Q → Violent palpitations on slightest exertion, missed and irregular heart beats.
Irregular MenstruationAcidum sulfuricum Q → Physical weakness, flatulence, prostration, flushes followed by perspiration, tendency towards hermorrhage, pruritus vulvae.
Irregular MenstruationCimicifuga 6X → Endocrine dysfunction, especially during menopause. Psychogenic depression and excitement. Restlessness.
Irregular MenstruationSanguinaria Q → Vaso-motoric irritations, alternating heat and cold, nervous irritability, headaches.
Irregular MenstruationSepia 30C → Hormonal effect, Physical and spiritual weariness, exhaustion, lack of energy, sleepiness, indifference. Rush of heat followed by perspiration. Psychic hypersensitivity and irritability. Sinking feeling in abdomen, excessive fluor, irregular menstruations.
Joint-PainAcidum sulfuricum Q → Various joint pains.
Joint-PainArgentum nitricum 30C → Arthralgia associated with degeneration of joints.
Joint-PainArnica 30C → Painful joints.
Joint-PainBryonia 30C → Swollen, stiff joints, worse on movement.
Joint-PainCausticum Hahnemanni Q → Joint deformity associated with paralytic weakness and stiffness.
Joint-PainLedum 30C → Rheumatic joint pain, cramping pain in hip area.
Kidney and BladderBerberis vulgaris Q → Piercing pains in the renal region getting worse from pressure, pains in sacral region, rigidity and numbness of the back, sensation as if water is running through skin.
Kidney and BladderCantharis 30C → Dull pains in the renal region, burning pains when urinating, constant urge to urinate. Urine is passed drop by drop, reddish, glairy, tinged with blood. Cystitis.
Kidney and BladderDulcamara 30C → Irritation of the bladder, constant and painful urge to urinate. When urinating, abundance or lack of urine which is coloured, glairy. Paralyzed bladder, worse in damp weather. Specific effect on the mucosa of the bladder. Smelly urine.
Kidney and BladderEquisetum hyemale Q → Similar effects on kidneys and bladder as cantharis, through its content of silicic acid. Lessening of bladder tenesmus and bloody urine. Enuresis, bladder irritations (mainly in women), albumin and blood in urine. Eliminates uric acid (causing pain when urinating).
Kidney and BladderEupatorium purpurem Q → Especially indicated in cases of bladder irritations. Frequent urine urge, painful, with abundance or lack of urine, coloured, glairy.
Kidney StoneAcid nitric 30C → Calculi in the urine due to oxalic acid, and when oxalic acid is the main ingredient of the calculi.
Kidney StoneBerberis vulgaris Q → Sharp pains in the kidneys, growing worse on pressure. Pains in sacral region, coming from kidneys, patient cannot move, leans to right in order to lessen the pains. Glairy, reddish urine.
Kidney StoneLycopodium 30C → Painful urination, gravel. Renal colics (right side affected). Pains along the urethra to the bladder.
Kidney StoneRubia tinctor Q → Catarrh of the bladder caused by calculi. Frequent urge to urinate at night, with great weakness. Pains from kidneys to urethra.
Kidney StoneSanguinaria Q → Gravel, acute pains when urinating.
Labour Pains and Menstrual crampsCaulophyllum thalictroides Q → Fits of lower abdominal spasms.
Labour Pains and Menstrual crampsChamomilla 6X → Oversensitive state.
Labour Pains and Menstrual crampsCimicifuga 6X → Sudden flashlike, shooting pains in the lower abdominal region.
Labour Pains and Menstrual crampsCuprum aceticum 6X → Severe dysmenorrhoea.
Labour Pains and Menstrual crampsMagnesium phosphoricum 30C → Dysmenorrhoea ameliorated by natural discharges such as onset of menses.
Labour Pains and Menstrual crampsViburnum opulus Q → Lower abdominal spasm extending in the thighs. Irregular menses.
Lack of VitalityAcid phos Q → Tonic in case of impotence and lack of libido.
Lack of VitalityAgnus castus 30C → Lack of vitality; weakness , with high efficacy in low dilution.
Lack of VitalityChina 30 → Specific effect in cases of disturbances after debilitating illnesses.
Lack of VitalityConium 30C → Angry irritations, lack of concentration. Hypochondria and in senile debility.
Lack of VitalityDamiana Q → Strengthens the genital regions.
Lack of VitalitySepia 30C → Acts in cases of exhaustion of all cellular functions, fatigue, aversion, repugnance for coition.
Liver and GallbladderCarduus marianus Q → Painful swelling of the liver, jaundice, biliary calculi, cholangitis.
Liver and GallbladderChamomilla 6X → Swelling of the liver with sensation of pressure on licer and biliary vesicle and extending to right shoulderblade, cholagogue.
Liver and GallbladderCholesterinum 6X → Enlargement of the liver, jaundice and formation of gallstones.
Liver and GallbladderColocynthis 30C → Cramplike pains in abdomen, cannot stand pressure of clothes. At the time a pain occurs, improvement is obtained through strong pressure on abdomen and through bending over.
Liver and GallbladderLycopodium 30C → Meteorism and flatulence, bitter taste in mouth, bad humour, constipation.
Liver and GallbladderNux vomica 30C → Hypochondria, liver constriction and congestion, nausea, abuse of tobacco, icterus, gastro-duodenal catarrh, constipation.
Low Blood SugarAdenosine triphosphate → For energy stabilization.
Low Blood SugarArsenicum album 30C → For mental fatigue and exhaustion.
Low Blood SugarInsulinum 6X → glandular regulation of the blood-sugar chain.
Low Blood SugarNux vomica 30C → For food cravings.
Low Blood SugarOenothera biennis Q → Regulates sugar metabolism.
Low Blood SugarSaccharum Q → To reverse the addictive properties.
Low sperm countLycopodium 30C → There is great desire to be alone. Despondent. Mentally and physically patient is very tired with complaint of chronic fatigue, with great aversion to his work. He is very forgetful, with dread of public appearance. Great Sensitivity, patient cries even when thanked. It is one of the most used medicines for impotency. Genital organ are feeble due to low vitality. Patient marries to live a normal life, but after marriage he finds he is sexually impotent without erections or very weak and short erections as if he is not a man. There is history of gonorrhoeal discharge with warts on male genitals. Patient is not trustworthy; he is very suspicious and find fault in every task. Patient is very timid with low self-confidence. this is a golden medicine for old age persons.
Male diseaseLycopodium 30C → No erectile power; impotence. Premature emission, low libido, in old age. Enlarge prostate. Condylomata. .
Male diseaseNux vomica 30C → Slow erectile power due to heaviness in stomach, flatulence, stomach full of gas. Liver problems, fatty liver.
MeaslesArum triphyllum 30C → Burning and stitching pain of inflamed mucous membranes together with irritation of the eyes and skin rashes.
MeaslesAtropinum Q → Acute inflammation, febrile states, congestion of the head, dry mucous membranes, affecting the upper respiratory system in particular.
MeaslesFerrum phosphoricum 6x → Catarrhal affections, photophobia, sticky perspirations.
MeaslesMercurius solubilis 30C → Catarrhal affections, photophobia, sticky perspirations.
MemoryAnacardium 30C → Specific action in weakness of memory.
MemoryArsenicum album 30C → Helpful in cerebral anaemia, stimulant of the cellular function.
MemoryBelladonna 30C → In cerebral congestion.
MemoryGelsemium sempervirens Q → In vertigo.
MemoryKalium phosphoricum 6X → General tonic of the cerebral function. Excellent nutritive medicine for the nerves.
MemoryLycopodium 30C → Very effective with irregularities in the development of children, through its influence on the detoxicating function of the liver.
MemorySepia 30C → Against exhaustion and morosity.
Migraine and HeadacheCimicifuga 6X → Neuralgia as reflex symptom of ovarian disorders. Supraorbital pains, sensation of heat at top of head.
Migraine and HeadacheGelsemium sempervirens Q → Cerebral congestion, feeling of prostration, aversion to light, pain just above eyes.
Migraine and HeadacheIris Q → Periodic migraine, intense headaches causing occasionally temporary blindness. Vomiting (bitter) at the climax of a headache.
Migraine and HeadacheSanguinaria Q → Nervous irritability, headaches, alternating heat and shivering, intolerance to noise and light. Improvement on lying down.
Migraine and HeadacheSpigelia anthelmia 30C → Unilateral headache, rising and decreasing with the sun. Reference to the heart.
Muscular weakness of the heartAdonis vernalis Q → This medicine is a heart tonic it regulates the pulse and increases the cardiac contractility
Muscular weakness of the heartConvallaria majalis 30C → Tonic of the heart.
Muscular weakness of the heartCrataegus Q → Enlarges the coronary blood-vessels.
Muscular weakness of the heartDigitalis 6X → Increasing of the muscular strength of the heart.
Muscular weakness of the heartHelleborus Q → Reinforcement of the diuretic components.
Muscular weakness of the heartScilla Q → Marked diuretic action. Indicated also in hydrops, exudative (fibrinous) form of pleuritis and arrhythmia absoluta.
Nervous DiseaseAgaricus 30C → This extract from Amanita muscaria has its specific effect on convulsions of the muscles and nervous twiches.
Nervous DiseaseIgnatia 30C → Nervous irritation with tendency to cry and hysterical fits.
Nervous DiseaseLachesis 30C → Acts in all acute cases of nervous irritation and restless sleep.
Nervous DiseaseMagnesium phosphoricum 30C → General medicine for cramps and irritation of the spinal marrow.
Nervous DiseasePhosphorus 30C → Constitutional medicine in cases of growing too fast and for the very thin generally.
Nervous DiseaseZincum valerianicum 6X → Convulsions, restlessness in the legs, nervous twitches.
Nervous systemGrindelia rob Q → Feels as if heart were too large for thoracic cavity, cardiac and pulmonary weakness, sensation of suffocation in bed.
Nervous systemLachesis 30C → Nervousness, spiritual animosity, headaches especially above the left eye, palpitations with sensation of suffocation, symptoms worse at bed time and by warmth.
Nervous systemNaja tripudians 30C → Soreness at forehead and temples due to the anginous condition of the heart. Palpitations of the heart, oppression, general nervousness. Cardiac weakness and irritations caused by nervous coughing, acute condition.
NeuralgiaCedron Q → Periodical attacks of pain, often left-sided and supra-orbital.
NeuralgiaColocynthis 30C → Cramping and tearing pains, frequently experienced below the orbit radiating to the eye itself, predominantly left sided.
NeuralgiaKalmia Lotifolia Q → Sudden sharp pains and burning, often right sided in the supraorbital region.
NeuralgiaVerbascum Q → Infra- and supra-orbital neuralgias, periodicity. Burning pain, paraesthesia and anasthesia as a result of exposure to dry cold weather.
Overall Health TonicAcid phos Q → Physical and mental exhaustion, impotence, pollutions, lack of concentration, apathy, sleepiness during day time.
Overall Health TonicAvena sativa Q → Neurasthenia, mental overstrain, sexual debility, rich in vitamins and minerals.
Overall Health TonicCalcium phosphoricum 6X → Deficiency in calcium production and perturbation of the growth of the bones.
Overall Health TonicChina 30 → General tonic after loss of humours and exhaustion, illnesses, impotence thereafter.
Overall Health TonicCinnamomum Q → Convalescence, presents all kinds of bleedings.
Overall Health TonicGinseng Q → Its excellent roborant result is due to vitamin D1, and B2 (Thyamine and Riboflavine) as well as to its mineral ingredients with high content of sulphur.
Overall Health TonicHydrastis Q → General tonic in illness-related weight reduction, exhaustion, hyposthenia.
Overall Health TonicMagnesium phosphoricum 30C → Stabilization of the central nervous system, pains and cramps in nerves and muscles, neuralgia.
Overall Health TonicMedicago sativa Q → Contains amino acids, which are indispensable for the bodily structure.
Overall Health TonicNux vomica 30C → Stabilization of cramps in nerves.
Pain between the RibsArsenicum album 30C → Burning pains, ameliorated by warm applications. Midnight aggravations.
Pain between the RibsColocynthis 30C → Flashlike neuralgic or neurotic pains. Intercostal pains.
Pain between the RibsRanunculus bulbosusQ → Organotherapeutic relationship to the chest-wall with violent pains. Neuralgic-rheumatic pain associated with restlessness, ameliorated by constant motion.
PancreasApis mellifica 30C → stitching pain, oedema.
PancreasColocynthis 30C → Spasmodic pain of the abdomen relieved by bending double.
PancreasLycopodium 30C → pain from bloated abdomen, in left hypogastric region.
PancreasMomordica Q → Increased flatulence in the splenic flexue.
PancreasPhosphorus 30C → Gastric symptoms, oily stools, fatty degeneration in advanced cases.
PilesAcid nitric 30C → Stabbing in the intestine, splinter pain, sensation of constriction during defecation with persistent pain after stool.
PilesAesculus Q → Dryness and burning of external hemorrhoidal mucosa (dark red prolapsing hemorrhoids). Dull pains in sacral region, venous stasis.
PilesCollinsonia canadensis Q → Venous congestion in the pelvis, obstipation, flatulence, hematogenic hemorrhoidsGraphites: Constipation, glairy lumpy stools, flatulence, anal eczema, itching.
PilesHamamelis Q → Varices, bleeding, hemorrhoids.
PilesKalium carbonicum 30C → Backaches, flatulence. Hard stools, burning anal node.
PilesLycopodium 30C → Meteorism, flatulence, dry stool with incomplete defecation. Hematogenic hemorrhoids with prolapse and anal spasm. General hypochondria and dyspepsia, constipation, abdominal plethora.
PilesPaeonia Q → Wet hemorrhoids, painful anal fissures.
PilesRhus toxicodendron 30C → This is very important medicine to fast recovery, can be take along with other medicine in piles.
PilesSulfur 30C → medicine with extensive effectiveness, anal redness, itching, exzema, unhealthy skin.
Pleura, Intercostal NeuralgiaApis mellifica 30C → Pleurodynia, especially of the right side, mainly in nervous women.
Pleura, Intercostal NeuralgiaColocynthis 30C → Influences the nervous system, whence its effectiveness in pleurisy.
Pleura, Intercostal NeuralgiaKalium carbonicum 30C → Pleurodynia; stitches in chest, independent of motion, worse mainly in the afternoon. Pneumonia when abundant exudation and noisy expectoration are present.Acts on the pulmonary tissues, pneumonia after the onset of perspiration. Pleurisy with effusion, pleuropneumonia..
Pleura, Intercostal NeuralgiaNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Chief medicine in hydrogenoid constitution; pains growing worse in damp weather or damp surroundings, in the region of the 9th and 10th rib on the left side. Catarrh of the chest.
Pleura, Intercostal NeuralgiaRanunculus bulbosusQ → Intercostal rheumatism. Sharp pains in the chest,aggravated by breathing, by pressure and change of temperature, suffocation
ProstateChimaphila umbellata Q → Sharp pains when urinating, frequent urge to urinate at night, pains running from the bladder down to the extremity of the urethra, bladder catarrh due to calculi.
ProstateClematis 30C → Inflammatory stricture, glairy urine but without pus.
Urination intermittent. Long waiting until finally emission, comes in drops with burning pain, followed by painless flow. Gonorrhoea, orchitis.
ProstateConium 30C → Paralytic asthenia, weak urinary stream.
ProstateFerrum picrinicum 6X → Nocturnal desire to urinate, urinary incontinence.General desire to urinate.
ProstatePareira brava Q → Acute tenesmus, urination in drops, pain from the kidneys down to the thighs, gravel in urine, bloody and acid. Bladder calculi.
ProstatePopulus tremul Q → Urge to urinate with painful urination. Hypertrophy of the prostate gland.
ProstatePulsatilla 6X → Prostatitis, orchitis gonorrhoica, turbid and yellowish urine, hypertrophy of the prostate gland. Pain in groins.
ProstateSabal serr Q → Hypertrophy of the prostate gland with involvement of bladder, frequent urge to urinate. Painful urination.
PsoriasisArsenicum album 30C → Psoriasis vulgaris.
PsoriasisBerberis aquifolium Q → Has proven itself in psoriasis.
PsoriasisCalcium carbonicum 30C → Scrofulous diathesis, fair, fat, flabby type of patient, impaired nutrition.
PsoriasisGraphites 30C → Stout, fair patients. Rough, hard and persistent dryness of areas of skin. Eruptions ooze a sticky exudate.
PsoriasisHydrocotyle asiatica 30C → Great thickening of epidermoid layer with exfoliation of scales. Circular spots with scaly edges.
PsoriasisNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Flabby, debilitated constitution, tending to hyperthyroidism. Seborrhoeiac eczema.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesBryonia 30C → Attenuates the catarrh and irritation in the costal pleura. Indicated in pleurisy which frequently leads to the development of tuberculosis.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesDulcamara 30C → Consequences of drenching in hydrogenoid constitution. Pressure on the shoulders.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesFerrum phosphoricum 6x → After cold with irritation of the upper air passages and continuous stimulation of cough. In feverish bronchitis and peribronchitis with bronchopneumonic foci, in pulmonary tuberculosis with febrile and subfebrile temperatures.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesKalium carbonicum 30C → Against nocturnal perspiration and weakness between the omoplates, frequently as pre-tuberculous symptoms.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesLycopodium 30C → This is very important medicine to fast recovery, must be take along with other medicine in piles.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesPicricum Acidum 30C → In case of lassitude and burning pains in and between the omo-plates.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesSepia 30C → General effect on the physical constitution, general tonic for the body. Against weariness, weakness, lack of energy, fatigue.
Pulmonary Respiratory DiseasesSilicea 30C → Effective in case of pulmonary inflammation and inflammation of the pulmonary alveoli (hilus gland).
The present medicine acts mainly on the constitutional weakness, especially of the lungs, and in pre-tuberculous conditions of weakness. It may be used in cases of tuberculosis as a tonic and to ameliorate the constitution. It may also be used as a complementary medicine in bronchial asthma and in case of weakness resulting from a cold, etc.
RecalcifyingCalcium fluor 6X → Acts on the teeths, especially on the enamel.
RecalcifyingCalcium phosphoricum 6X → Regulating influence on the production of calcium in
RecalcifyingCalcium phosphoricum 6X → Perturbations in the growths of the bones, deficiency in calcium production, chronic headaches of anaemic children.
RecalcifyingChamomilla 6X → Angry irritation, head sweat, teething trouble of children.
RecalcifyingHekla Lava 6X → Exostosis affecting the feet.
RecalcifyingMercurius praecipitatus ruber 6X → Against osseous deficiencies, exostosis and periostitis with nocturnal pains in the bones.
RecalcifyingMezereum 30C → Inflammation and pains in the skin of bones, especially the shin-bones, the upper part of the arms, and the bones of the chest.
RecalcifyingSilicea 30C → Stimulant of growths; fights fistulae of the bones.
Reconstituant ( To increase reactivity)Medorrhinum 200C → Diffuse itching of the skin worse in the evening. Redness with copper red coloured spots, sometimes turning brown, warts. Results from suppressed Gonnorrhoea. 1 DROP 1 TIME IN 1 A DAY
Reconstituant ( To increase reactivity)Psorinum 200C → Influences the Iymphatic and glandular system. Vesicles, nodules and pustules. General debility, offensive discharges. 1 DROP 1 TIME IN 1 A DAY
Reconstituant ( To increase reactivity)Thuja Q → Painful and over-sensitive skin, worse for touch, with formication, itching and burning. Wet eczema particularily on scalp and face, warts.
Reconstituant ( To increase reactivity)Vaccininum 30C → Ill-effects from smallpox vaccination, persistent skin eruptions, neuralgias, general dyscrasia.
RheumatismBerberis vulgaris Q → Acute and undetermined pains in the loins. Acid urine, gravel.
RheumatismCalcium phosphoricum 6X → Weakness and muscles of neck and along spine, deformed bones. Rheumatic diathesis, worse in damp weather. Acts on the constitution.
RheumatismCausticum Hahnemanni Q → Pains in the loins, especially when trying to get up. Painful rigidity of the neck and dorsal muscles. Neuralgic pains. Painful, rigid, di.storted and weak articulations.
RheumatismRhododendron Q → Rheumatism especially of the small joints. Aggravation of symptoms before thunder storms, rain and storm.
RheumatismRhus toxicodendron 30C → Dislocation of limbs, feels as if crushed, consequences of drenching or suppressed sweating. Symptoms grow worse at night and when resting. Better by motion, by heat. Neuralgic rheumatism of limbs and articulations, weakness and rigidity, shivering in sacral region. The pains grow worse with change of weather and in damp cold weather. Improving by warmth. Rheumatic-gouty diathesis often caused by sitting on cold seat.
SciaticaAconitum Q → In Winter due to cold air. Pain in the legs, especially at night.
SciaticaArsenicum album 30C → Burning pain especially at midnight. Ameliorated by warm applications.
SciaticaColocynthis 30C → Violent pains that are aggravated by slightest movement, cold or even touch. Cramplike drawing pain along the sciatic nerve.
SciaticaGnaphalium polycephalum 30C → Nerve root pain with formications. Ameliorated on sitting.
SciaticaMagnesium phosphoricum 30C → Nocturnal pain, ameliorated by warm applications and pressure.
Shingles skin rashMezereum 30C → Weeping vesicles on the skin with a red areola around them, itching and burning. Neuralgia.
Shingles skin rashNatrium Muriaticum 30C → Herpes labialis.
Rhus toxicodendron: Intensely itching vesicles and bullae on the skin. Skin is red and painful. Numerous vesicles on the skin showing a reddish base, itching, burning and stitching.
SinusArsenicum album 30C → Chronic diseases in general with depression.
SinusCalcium carbonicum 30C → Constitutional medicine in swelling of mucosa, pastoesem habitus, swelling of glands (for instance in scrofula of children). Suppurations, suppurative inflammations of mucosa.
SinusCinnabaris Q → Catarrh of the maxillary sinus and the forehead.
SinusKalium bichromicum 6X → Helps the emission of glair (nose and maxillary sinus).Chronic conditions of irritability of mucosa, chronic catarrh and expectorations (yellowish).
SinusPulsatilla 6X → Similar effects, improvement in the fresh air.
Sleep and NerveAmmonium bromatum Q → Sedative.
Sleep and NerveAvena sativa Q → General nervous weakness and sexual neurasthenia, consequences of mental overexertion. Convalescence. Sleeplessness in spite of lassitude.
Sleep and NerveChamomilla 6X → Effective in overstimulated nervous system with hypersensitivity. Uneasy sleep.
Sleep and NerveEschscholzia Q → Sedative.
Sleep and NerveHumulus lupulus Q → General nervous exhaustion, neurasthenia, hypochondria, sedative.
Sleep and NerveIgnatia 30C → Nervous exhaustion and irritability resulting from psychic afflictions of a depressing nature, following grief or worry. Egocentric solitude.
Sleep and NervePassiflora incarnata Q → Sedative. Unrest and irritability of the nervous system. Mental and physical vivacity when trying to sleep, full of ideas, disturbed non-refreshing sleep.
Sleep and NerveVeratrum album 30C → Light sleep, non-refreshing. Nervous weakness and restlessness.
Sleep and NerveZincum valerianicum 6X → Insomnia with twitching in limbs, nightmares, restlessness of the legs.
Stomach and DigestionAnacardium 30C → Gastric complaints, improving after eating, pains around midnight.
Stomach and DigestionsArgentum nitricum 30C → Epigastric complaints, noisy and frequent belching with temporary improvement.
Stomach and DigestionsArsenicum album 30C → medicine for mucous membrane, burning pain in the stomach with vomiting.
Stomach and DigestionsCarbo vegetabilis 6X → Sensation of repletion in abdominal cavity, asthenia and exhaustion.
Stomach and DigestionsChamomilla 6X → Nervous hypersensitivity and irritability. Swelling of the stomach.
Stomach and DigestionsChamomilla 6X → Effective for liver and bile, choleretic, improvement of gastric disorder by ingestion.
Stomach and DigestionsLycopodium 30C → Gastro-intestinal disturbances, bitter taste in mouth, lack of appetite, constipation, flatulent colic.
Stomach and DigestionsNux vomica 30C → Nervous irritability, hypochondria, stomach constriction, disturbances due to nicotin.
Stomach and DigestionsScrophularia nodosa Q → Griping pains in abdomen, hyperacidity improving after eating.
Teething AchesAconitum Q → Too much cold causes dental gums to swell and cause great pain.
Teething AchesBryonia 30C → Inflammation of serous skins.
Teething AchesCalcium carbonicum 30C → Acts on the development of the teeth, facilitating teething.
Teething AchesColocynthis 30C → Excited conditions; throbbing pains; agitation; fits of violent anger.
Teething AchesIgnatia 30C → Hysterical reactions; continual whimpering; nervous excitation.
Teething AchesStaphisagria 30C → Excitation of the nerves and unseemly behaviour in children; ontinual whimpering and moaning.
Thyroid-Hyper Atropinum Q → Main indication:"goggle-eye", fits of perspiration, strong pulse.
Thyroid-Hyper Hekla Lava 6X → Effective for the constitution of fibrose struma.
Thyroid-Hyper Iodum Q → Specific reaction in hyperfunction of thyroid glands due to the excessive action of iodine. In this particular case the medicine does not act in a homoeopathic but isopathic way.
Thyroid-Hyper Lapis albus 30C → Effective for the constitution of fibrose struma.
Thyroid-Hyper Lycopus virginicus 30C → Strong pulse and tachycardia, as they are usually found in thyreotoxicosis.
Thyroid-Hyper Natrium Muriaticum 30C → Effective in palpitations emaciation, irritability. The general action of the medicine is characterized by its regularizing effect on the function of thyroids.
Universal OintmentAtropinum Q → Effective in all inflammations associated with hyperaemia.
Universal OintmentCalendula Q → Specifically effective in lacerated wounds and bruising.
Universal OintmentEchinacea angustifolia Q → Improvement of the tissue resistance.
Universal OintmentHamamelis Q → Venous hemorrhage. General pain and pain in the limb.
Universal OintmentMillefolium Q → Hemorrhagic medicine.
Varicose VeinsAesculus Q → Specific medicine for dilatation of the veins and venous stasis.
Varicose VeinsBelladonna 30C → Localised inflammation.
Varicose VeinsCalcium fluor 6X → Favourably affects weak tissues and varices.
Varicose VeinsCarduus marianus Q → Eczema on the thighs (lower part).
Varicose VeinsHamamelis Q → Specific in case of all kinds of affections of the venous system, especially those involving pain in the parts affected. It works against the formation of obstructions in the veins.
Varicose VeinsMezereum 30C → Eruptions in the form of vesicles; the affected parts feel cold.
Varicose VeinsPlacenta 30C → Stimulation of the blood flow and stimulating for the total hormonal glandular system.
Varicose VeinsSecale cornutum 30C → Disorders in the arterio-venous anastomoses and the precapillaries.
Varicose VeinsVipera berus 30C → Diseases of septic nature coupled with feeling if heaviness as found in case of inflammation of the veins and venous stasis.
The general action of the present medicine is directed against the symptomatic complex of venous stasis, including the formation of varices and its sequels, elephanthiasis and oedemae on the lower part of the thighs.
Vertigo and SyncopeArgentum nitricum 30C → Vertigo and general instability, trembling due to weakness of nerves, buzzing noise in the ears, indisposition.
Vertigo and SyncopeCocculus 30C → Acts on the cerebro-spinal system. Vertigo, worse when sitting, with nausea, tendency to vomit and faint.
Vertigo and SyncopeConium 30C → Cerebral anaemia, sensation of giddiness, worse when turning over in bed. Sensation of numbness in brain. State of exhaustion in old age.
Vertigo and SyncopeTheridion curassavicum 30C → Vertigo, worse when closing eyes, when sitting or Iying down, from noise, exposure to solar heat.
Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynxArgentum nitricum 30C → Decreases catarrh of the larynx and the irritation of the vocal chords which manifests after undue stress on the voice. Specific action on the mucus in the larynx, lessens the hoarseness and pains of the larynx (singers, teachers, actors, orators etc.).
Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynxArnica 30C → Counteracts the effect of undue stress and injury of the vocal chords, and brings inflammation under control.
Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynxArum maculatum Q → Lessens the sensation of wound, raucousness of the larynx and catarrhic conditions of the rear-part of the mouth.
Voice Hoarseness-illness of the larynxCalcium carbonicum 30C → Specifically indicated for hoarseness (not painful) of the type found also in case of paralysis of the nerves (Nervus recurrens).
This medicine has a swift and lasting efficacy and can be considered as indispensable in the afore-mentioned professions. It has the property, after prolonged use, of strengthening the resistance of the larynx.
Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessAethusa cynapium 30C → Specific action in gastric catarrh with nausea and urge to vomit, also of children and sucklings.
Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessApomorphinum hydrochloricum 30C → Specific medicine in vomiting of different kinds, symptomatic action in hyperemesis gravidarum.
Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessColchicum 6X → Vomiting tendency and nausea caused by the smell of food.
Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessIpecacuanha 30C → Vomiting and nausea (although the tongue is not loaded).
Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessPetroleum 30C → Against nausea when driving.
Vomiting, Nausea and Travel SicknessVeratrum album 30C → Circulatory debility with collapse. Giddiness and sweat.
Weight LossCalcium carbonicum 30C → Stimulates the function of the thyroid glands and liver.
Weight LossCroton tiglium 30C → a functional stimulant of the intestines.
Weight LossFucus vesiculosus Q → A medicine for obesity and non-toxic goitre; also exophthalmic. Digestion is furthered and flatulence diminished. Obstinate constipation; forehead feels as if compressed by an iron ring. highly stimulates the function of the thyroid glands and act towards formation of goitre.
Dose- Tincture Q, five to sixty drops three times a day before meals.
Weight LossGraphites 30C → functional stimulant of the liver.
Weight LossNatrium sulfuricum 6X → functional stimulant of the liver.
Weight LossSpongia Q → highly stimulates the function of the thyroid glands and act towards formation of goitre.
WormsArtemisia vulgaris Q → Spasms in children having worms.
WormsCina 6X → Pale children with dark shadows around the eyes. Grating teeth during sleep, easily startled, starting of the limbs, nasal itch. Active against ascarides.
WormsFilix mas Q → Specifically active as antihelminthic, particularly tape worms.
WormsGraphites 30C → Constitutional medicine. Large appetite, greedy, meteorism, flatulence.
WormsMercurius sublimate Corrosives 30C → Inflamed mucous membrane of the gut with tenesmus. Sticky nocturnal perspirations.
WormsTanacetum vulgare Q → Helminthic infection, starting during sleep, easily startled.
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