Here we provide a one-line description for a quick differentiation of the tissue salt remedies:

  • Cal fluor

Constitutional Disorders
Loss of elasticity, calcification in joints and glands

Body Organs
Elastic tissue of smooth muscles (of arteries, intestines, bladder, uterus and skin); tooth enamel, larynx and thyroid

The clinical conditions for Cal Fluor:

• Weak enamel of teeth
• Fissure in gums (cracks in)
• Receded gums Prolapsed uterus
• Varicose veins
• Uterus displacements
• Hernia
• Fistula
• Piles
• Internal haemorrhoids
• Anal fissures Spurs in joints (osteoarthritis)
• Cataract (in eye)
• Rough and cracked skin (of hands)
• Knotty lymphatic glands
• Calcification of glands
• Sagging of facial tissues Weakness in tendons and ligaments
• Cysts (a membranous sac containing fluid) Fibroids (a benign tumour)
• Hard warts

Worse by ➙ Wet weather, after rest, and on beginning ning to move
Better by ➙ By rubbing, hot applications, andcontinued movement

  • Cal phos

Constitutional Disorders
Defective nutrition and weakness in muscles, bones and teeth

Body Organs
Bones, muscles, tooth dentine, joint cartilage

The clinical conditions for Cal Phos:

• Weak or brittle bones
• Abnormal bone growth
• Rickets (Vitamin D deficiency)
• Difficulty in teething
• Dental caries (tooth decay)
• Lumbago
• Aching in bones, joints & muscles
• Digestive disorders and poor assimilation
• Bloated tummy
• Chronic enlargement of tonsils
• Pimples, acne, eczema
• Excessive perspiration
• Worms

Worse by➙ Getting wet, cold, motion, jealousy, changes in weather
Better by➙ Warmth and rest

  • Cal sulf

Constitutional Disorders
Antiseptic for wounds that are discharging but not healing, useful for blood detox (removing pus)

Body Organs
Liver, gall bladder, spleen, glands, mucus membranes, blood

The clinical conditions for Cal Sulf:

• Suppurating wounds
• Skin and ear abscess
• Conjunctivitis with thick yellow discharge
• Furuncles (single big boil)
• Carbuncles (many headed boil)
• Gumboil
• Fungal skin infections, acne
• Chronic eczema
• Leucorrhea (a thick, whitish or yellowish vaginal discharge)
• Herpes (second stage)
• Bronchitis (third stage)

Worse by➙ Getting wet
Better by➙ Warmth and dry open air.

  • Ferr phos

Constitutional Disorders
Poor circulation, lowered immunity; frequent infections and inflammations

Body Organs
Blood, lungs and heart

The clinical conditions for FerrumPhos:

• Rescue remedy in infections, inflammations and fevers
• Anemia
• Vertigo
• headache
• Hemorrhages (bleeding)
• Colitis (first stage)
• Recurrent colds and hay fever
• Tonsillitis, Laryngitis, Bronchitis Conjunctivitis,
• Mastitis
• Earache
• Croup (inflammation of larynx or trachea)
• Acute rheumatism
• Nephritis (kidney disease)
• Bleeding hemorrhoids
• Low blood pressure

Worse by➙ Heat, motion
Better by➙ Cold applications, after rest

  • Kali mur

Constitutional Disorders
Mucus membrane disorders, detox for lymphatic and glandular system

Body Organs
Glands, throat, ear, mucus membrane

The clinical conditions for Kali Mur:

• Sore throat
• Swollen gland
• Otitis; Tonsillitis, Pharyngitis; Bronchitis
• Diphtheria
• Thrush (sore mouth), canker in mouth
• Sluggish liver
• Indigestion from consuming fatty food
• Colds, coughs and catarrh
•Herpes simplex (vesicles on outer surface of genitals)
• Measles
• Crusty eczema
• Soft warts
• Gastric catarrh
• Epilepsy from suppressed eruptions

Worse by➙ Eating rich or fatty food, motion, night
Better by➙ Rubbing, scratching, hot applications

  • Kali phos

Constitutional Disorders
Nerve related troubles auto- intoxication

Body Organs
Brain, spleen, nerves, mucus membrane

The clinical conditions for Kali Phos:

• Ill-tempered children
• Tantrum
• Hysteria
• Phobias
• Acrophobia
• Insanity
• Mental illusions
• Hypochondriac (continuously worrying abouthealth)
• Bed wetting
• Abnormal mental and physical weakness or lack ofenergy
• Nervous depression
• Nervous headaches
• Neuralgia
• Nerve degeneration
• Nervous diarrhea
• Nervous anxiety
• Brain fag
• Nervous asthma
• Stress related disorders
• Insomnia (sleepless)
• Pain in Shingles
• Paralysis, Bells Palsy,
• Enuresis (involuntary urination)
• Vertigo
• Dysentery
• Typhoid
• Gangrene
• Menses premature, profuse or offensive

Worse by➙ Noise, worry, excitement, cold
Better by➙ Cheerful company, eating, gentle motion

  • Kali sulf

Constitutional Disorders
Skin disorders and hormonal disorders

Body Organs
Skin, pancreas, liver, mucus membrane, endocrine glands

The clinical conditions for Kali Sulf:

• Psoriasis
• Eczema
• Ringworm
• Dandruff
• Urticaria (a migrating rash with swelling)
• Seborrhea (oily skin secretion)
• Dermatitis (inflammation of skin)
• Burning and itching eruptions
• Leucorrhea
• Bronchial asthma
• Chronic catarths, nose blocked
• Dropsy (swelling of soft tissues due to accumulation of water)
• Headaches
• Hormonal disturbances- Lack of perspiration
• Tuberculosis
• Athlete’s foot (fungal infection between the toes)
• Alopecia (sudden loss of hair; round patches in thescalp)

Worse by➙ Evenings, warmth, & closed places
Better by➙ Cool air, open air, motion

  • Mag phos

Constitutional Disorders
Muscular cramps and nerve spasms; the biochemic aspirin

Body Organs
Nerves in muscles, heart, colon, bladder uterus

The clinical conditions for Mag Phos:

• Spasmodic asthma
• Spasmodic cough
• Spasmodic menstrual cramps
• Spasm of the eyelid
• Heart muscle affections; Angina pectoris
• Convulsion
• Double vision
• Epileptic cramps
• Palsy (nerve disorder)
• Muscular cramps or twitching
• Colitis
• Abdominal colie
• Menstrual colic
• Nervous palpitation
• Sciatica

Worse by➙ Open air, cold air, cold drinks, un covering, motion, touching
Better by➙ Warmth, hot drinks, applying pressure, and bending over

  • Nat mur

Constitutional Disorders
Excessive dryness or moisture; respiratory and digestive disor ders, the biochemic antihistamine

Body Organs
Kidney, liver, spleen, brain, blood, cartilage

The clinical conditions for Nat Mur:

• Watery discharges that burn and irritate
• Dry constipation
• Dry skin
• Chapped lips
• Colds with watery discharge
• Seaside asthma
• Excessive saliva
• Watery diarrhea
• Bronchitis
• Watery vesicles
• Vaginal dryness
• Leucorrhea
• Pleurisy
• Profuse perspiration
• Dry cough
• Dry nose
• Snoring
• Sneezing, Hay fever
• Hives (nettle rash, Urticaria)
• Heavy or hammering headache
• Creaky joints
• Watery blisters Herpes
• Thin watery blood
• Sun aggravations
• Insect bites, use as application… Edema (water filled swellings)
• Hypochondriac (continuously worrying abouthealth)

Worse by➙Mornings, grief, anger, seaside, periodic complaints
Batter by➙Evenings, cold, open air, pressure.

  • Nat phos

Constitutional Disorders
Acidity, the biochemic antacid; stiffness in muscles and swellings in joints

Body Organs
Stomach, blood, lymphatic system, pancreas, intestines

The clinical conditions for Nat Phos:

• Acidity of blood
• Acid reflux
• Sour belching
• Flatulence
• Gastritis
• Dyspepsia
• Palpitation
• Gastric ulcer
• Colic due to acidity
• Gout
• Rheumatism (stiffness)
• Excessive, sour perspiration from feet and armpit
• Stitching pain in the liver or kidney
• Pain in joints
• Milk allergy
• Hives (nettle rash, Urticaria)
• Acne (pimples)
• Diabetes
• Diarrhea
• Frequent urination
• Enlarged prostate
• Worms
• Eyes glued together (morning)

Worse by➙ Thunder storm, open air, sex, eating sweets, milk, before eating
Better by➙Warmth, pressure, scratching, after eating

  • Nat sulf

Constitutional Disorders
Toxaemia – high level of toxins in body fluids, excessive bile
Liver, gallbladder, pancreas, colon

Body Organs
Liver, gallbladder, pancreas, colon

The clinical conditions for Nat Sulf:

• Edema (swelling due to water retention)
• Urine retentionBilious colic
• Vomiting of bitter bile All symptoms aggravated by damp weather
• Stiffness, rheumatism
• Moist skin affections; wet eczema
• Jaundice
• Asthma in humid conditions
• Gonorrhea
• Bilious, fontal or occipital headache
• Malaria, Flu (influenza)
• Warts
• Flatulence, bloating
• Flushes of heat
• Enlarged prostate
• Oedema of feet

Worse by➙ Dampness, wet weather, cold, morn ings, breakfast.
Better by➙Warm and dry weather; open air; passing flatus, and motion.

  • Silicea

Constitutional Disorders
Weakness in connective tissue of mucus membrane, skin, hair and nails, constitutional weakness; offensive perspiration

Body Organs
Connective tissue of skin, hair and nails; cartilages, glands, nerve-sheath (cover)

The clinical conditions for Silicea:

• Skin ulcers with tendency to suppurate
• Abscess
• Styes (boil on eyelid)
• Furuncles
• Carbuncles
• Tumors
• Tonsillitis with pus
• Suppuration of the bones
• Pustules
• Dermatitis
• Seborrhea (oily skin, inflammation of)
• Pneumonia
• Bronchitis
• Persistent ulcerations with fistula
• Herpes
• Offensive perspiration
• Brittle nails
• In-growing nails
• Nail fungus
• Dry or cracking hair
• Ulcer of the cornea
• Anal fissures
• Corns in the foot
• Keloid scars (overgrowth of scar tissue around awound)
• Prostate infections and enlargements
• Gonorrheal discharges
• White spotted nails
• Headaches in nape and forehead
• Alopecia (baldness)
• Chronic Asthma
• Troubles after vaccination
• Photophobia
• Gurboils
• Altitude sickness
• Weakness in the back
• Damaged ligaments

Worse by➙ Night, new Moon and full Moon, open air, cold, noise, milk, sex, motion and mental exertion.
Better by➙ Warmth, summer, and passive motion

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